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Here's my first blog portfolio for el236, Writing for the Internet.  My blog primarily focuses on politics and my views on wahts happening in the world of politics.  I try to blend a good bit of humor in my writing as not to sound preachy or boring and honestly because sometimes this shit is just too ridiculous not to laugh at and make a joke out of.  My views are very liberal so my blogs have a liberal, leftist bias and I don't deny it-take a good hard look at some of the figureheads of the right as well as some of the people I go after in these entries and tell they don't deserve it.  I am fairly new to blogging, my only other experience with blogging was for a class and I did not enjoy it - mainly because we could only write about certain things which made sense it was a class on American Lit so it would be odd to have a blog on why Sarah Palin is an idiot and scares the living shit out of me but I really enjoy the freedom that I've had on this blog to write about what I want.  I also enjoy the idea of commenting on people's blogs and replying to comments people might leave on my own-this is something I have to get better at I admit, like I said this is still pretty new to me.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, I'll try to keep em funny and not get so grim as I have in my latest entry but I felt it was only appropriate and it was something I feel very strongly about.  That is another thing I love about blogging, you can voice your opinions and share it with the world, it is a great way to get your voice heard-provided anyone reads it....



Here I replied to a comment left on my blog:



I think in my following blogs I showed my ability to go into depth on a particular topic:

From the Mouth of Stupidity

Dangerous Daze


I commented on Matthew Moore's creative writing blog; not sure if he has posted my comment yet or not....I commented pretty late I confess.  I'll get better at this haha.

Outside Material:

In the following blogs I included links to and commented on outside material:



I felt as though I was able to use my style and humor to establish a strong ethos in all of my blogs:


I feel the following blogs show my understanding of the conventions of blogging:





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