From the Mouth of Madness.......

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I don't know how closely you've been following politics but recently, Glenn Beck has reached an all-time personal record of insanity.  Recently Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington DC called the "Restoring Honor Rally".  Incidentally, the rally was held on the same day at the same location as civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream Speech".  When Beck was criticized for holding his speech on the same day and location as Dr. King's speech he claimed that no, it was not, it was in fact several steps lower than where Dr. King actually stood, well thank God because I had initially thought you were going to bastardize one of the most heart-felt moving speeches in our country's history with a fear-filled, bat-shit-crazy rant about how Obama (our first African-American president) is a racist, lying, Islamic fundamentalist commie but ok, you're gonna be a few steps lower than the step where King stood ok that clears that up.  I mean if you were going to stand on the exact step as Dr. King I may have thought you were a disrespectful frenzied foaming jackass but now I see that my initial reaction was ill-founded and inaccurate, I apologize.  Rev. Al Sharpton held a rally on the same day in another location in the nation's capital called, "Redeem the Dream" in an attempt to protect the legacy of Dr. King's work from those, like Beck who would try to "hijack" the day, as Sharpton said.  This really cements the speculation over Beck's potential insanity, when you make Al Sharpton look like the well-adjusted, right-minded, level-headed guy in the room, you really dropped the ball. 

Moving on, in the actual speech itself, Glenn claimed that of a list of "Honorable men" with whom he shares a basic philosophy and belief system, a list which included such names as, George Washington, Moses, Dr. King, and Jesus Christ (this guy really is the KING of that he relates most to Dr. King.  Like many of you (I hope) my first reaction was a palm-faced, "Oh dear God" but I decided to let Beck finish his claim before moving too swiftly to judgement, I mean he can't truly be about to literally compare his ideologies and the struggle for fat, frightened white people to have less taxes to those of Dr. King and the struggle of the African-Americans' for their lives during the Civil Rights Movement, can he?  Prepare to be stupified!  Beck went on to compare himself to King in his struggle.  Just to clarify, Dr. King was for a multitude of programs for the poor of this country as well as even demanding that LBJ make it so that the poor were provided with decent homes, health care and better jobs as well as benefits.  Beck has roundly disapproved of President Obama's Health Care Bill which would, in time, accomplish many of those same things Dr. King fought for.  Hmmmm, failing to see the similarities so far Glenn.  Not only has Beck vehemently disapproved of Obama's plans to aid the poor in this crippling economic crisis but he has even called the poor who're unemployed as a result of corporations laying off workers left and right as, "lazy" and would be ashamed to call them true Americans if they were to accept aid from the government.  Dispite your individual views on Health Care, unemployment etc. can we at least agree that Glenn Beck is totally out of his Martini-marinated mind, if not a complete asshole on a power-trip?  Can we do that?  I feel that if we can at least agree on this than there's hope for some true unbiased, non-partisan collaboration in the future. 

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