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This is a follow-up to my earlier entry regarding Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor Rally".  As if it wasn't bad enought that Glenn Beck got to spew his biased, fear-based, no-legit-facts-to-be-found, ego-driven lunacy guess who joined bet'chya, Alaska's former governor, Sarah Palin.  She, like Beck has been under fire recently, ever since McCain pulled her out of the tundra and into the spotlight for the '08 presidential election and announced that she would be his running mate at which point I can only imagine thousands of Democrats breathed a sigh of relief. I'm not sure if that decision should be classified as a savy political tactic to combat the Democratic Party's more diverse presidential hopefuls such as Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama or an inadvertent surrender (just a reminder to all those who still claim the election could've gone either way, it was a landslide-they kicked your ass-sorry 'my friends').  So let's review good ole' Glenn's special guest's track record-

-She was severely coached for the vice-presidentail debate vs Joe Biden  I mean come on, she wrote the words TAX CUTS on her palm so she wouldn't forget to mention it.  That has been a GOP constant for decades, that would be like Wil E. Coyote writting the words ROAD RUNNER on his palm.

-She apparently fancied herself such a wordsmith, dare I say a modern day Shakespeare that she coined a few of her own words such as,"refudiate" and "misunderestimate", as if "you bet'chya" and her creepy permanent Jack Nicholson in drag-like grin didn't make conscious Americans' collective skin crawl enough. 

-In response to being asked how her experience as Alaska's governor could aid in foreign policy and affairs should she be elected VP of the nation, she replied with an eerie, child-like confidence that because Russia can be seen from certain points in Alaska she was the right gal for the job.

I mean granted the media can distort things and tilt the perception of certain political figures so I suppose it would be wise to judge Mrs. Palin, aka Miss Wasila, slowly.  I mean no where is the media's blatant attacks and attempts to besmerch her reputation and character with sneaky, loaded trick questions more clear than when Katy Couric inquired, "What newspapers do you read?"  Bad form, Katy, bad form indeed.

This is the kind of mind that Glenn Beck attracts, Sarah Palin, and the Tea-Party people, whom Sarah Palin referred to as the "cream of the crop", personally I think they more closely resemble a herd of mentally deficient, easily swayed fools overflowig with a heady mixture of hate and fear (when I'm not hatin' Mexicans 'n queers, or pleasuring myself to the sight of my Burt Gummer from Tremors-like gun collection I watch Glenn Beck-I think that's their slogan I'm not 100%).  87,000 (estimate, no one seems to know the exact numbers) people attended the "Restoring Honor" rally.  Is any one else terrified by this?  I mean yeah they're idiots, but they're a shitload of idiots, and they can vote!  Some moderate thinkers, or just any one with a brain stem, I'd be willing to settle for that in the meantime, needs to start combating this insanity with the same tenacity as the loons or we could have another Bush.  Or worse, another Cheney.  That's not a joke, that's horrifying.  I just shuddered a bit typing that.


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