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In one of my earlier posts I mentioned the odious Gubernatorial candidate of New York, Carl Paladino and his myriad homophobic claims during one of his campaign speeches including one in which he stated that homosexuality is inherently a less successful and valid lifestyle than heterosexuality.  The following is a list of a few LGBT people who've somehow found a way to overcome the terrible burden of their same-sex attraction and scrape together a few scraps of success:

Sir Elton John,  Jane Lynch,  Melissa Etheridge,  Alexander the Great,  Socrates,  Plato,  Richard the Lionheart,  Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Sir Ian McKellen,  Sir Alec Guiness,  King James I,  Boy George,  Rock Hudson,  Amelia Earheart,  Gertrude Stein, Walt Whitman,  Lord Byron,  Sappho,  Hadrian,  Cole Porter,  Virginia Woolf,  Pope Julius III,  Jean Cocteau,  Tennessee Williams,  James Baldwin, Andy Warhol,  Michelangelo,  Andy Warhol,  Herman Melville,  Tchaikovsky,  Bessie Smith, Noel Coward,  Eleanor Roosevelt, Julius Ceasar, Augustus Ceasar, Harvey Milk, Bayard Rustin, Drew Barrymore,  Jodie Foster,  Queen Anne,  Pope Benedict IX,  Langston Hughes,  Pope John XII,  Madame de Stael,  Martina Navratilova,  Greg Louganis,  Billie Jean King,  Barney Frank,  Gerry Studds,  Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Janis Joplin,  Aristotle,  James Dean,  Montgomery Clift, Sir Francis Bacon,  Clive Barker,  Leonard Bernstein,  Simon Callow,  Mario Cantone,  Truman Capote,  Richard Chamberlain, Graham Chapman,  Margaret Cho,  Kate Clinton,  Alan Cumming,  Nathan Lane,  k.d. Lang,  Liberace,  Little Richard Penniman,  Paul Lynde,  Robert Verdi,  Gore Vidal,  George Gershwin,  Rudy Galindo,  Sinead O'Connor,  Rosie O'Donnell,  Dick Sargent,  David Sedaris,  Bryan Singer,  Michael Stipe,  Lily Tomlin,  Joan Jett,  Ellen DeGeneres,  Portia de Rossi,  Chaz Bono,  Calvin Klein, Lawrence of Arabia,  Chief Crazy Horse,  David Bowie,  Emily Dickinson,  John Waters,  Florence Nightingale,  Freddie Mercury,  Frederick Chopin,  Henry David Thoreau,  Madonna, Marlon Brando,  Rita Mae Brown,  Sandra Bernhardt,  William Shakespeare,  Anne Heche,  Tab Hunter,  Rufus Wainwright,  Suzanne Westenhofer,  Robert Reed, Rupert Everett,  David Hyde Pierce,  George Takei,  Cynthia Nixon,  Neil Patrick Harris,  and Wanda Sykes


but what'd they ever do?           

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