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Just in case some of you remain unconvinced that Carl Paladino is a bigot and for all intents and purposes a moron I have gathered some additional evidence which may sway your opinions.  In addition to his outrageously homophobic claims Paladino has also acquired an email history not befitting of a Gubernatorial candidate but that of creepy nazi sex offender with an incredibly disturbed vile and fetishistic appetite. 

It has been discovered that Carl Paladino's bigotry extends far beyond the gay community but also the African-American community, chiefly our president Barack Obama.  In one email which Paladino sent to some friends and staff members we see a picture of President Obama and his wife, our First Lady Michelle Obama dressed as a 1970's style pimp and hooker.  It is hardly tasteful but shockingly one of the more tactful emails I found.  Another email which exposes Paladino as a raging racist is as follows; the email shows a photograph of an airplane crashing and beneath it stands a group of black men, the caption of this image reads, "Holy shit! Run niggers run!"  I can see how someone might see that as racist but at least he warned them and, I guess we can attribute that kind warning to the Catholic views held in his heart.  Another email prompts one to click on a video to witness the "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal"; after doing so we witness a group of African tribesmen dancing....  As if this was not enough to damn Paladino's political career further evidence states that this final video is also quite popular on a neo-Nazi website called "Stormfront"-whether or not Paladino himself is a Nazi he obviously shares their notorious sense of Aryan humor. 

Well, Paladino really did his damnedest to insult both members of the LGBT and African-American communities but wait...there's more.  Another email Paladino sent out includes a hardcore XXX pornographic video titled "Miss France 2008 Fucking"-classy move Carl.  And finally one more email sent out by Paladino shows that not only is he a homophobe, a racist, a sexist and a porn fiend he's also into illegal sex acts!  The final email features a woman having sex with a male horse titled "Easy, Steady Big Fella...XXX".  At first Carl's antigay supporters were appalled but it was explained that it was in fact a video of a MALE horse and FEMALE human so it wasn't gay or anything.  Oh, and just in case you were wondering Paladino lost by over 25% to Cuomo. 

I'm not one to believe in divine intervention or the theory that "what goes around comes around" but it certainly does seem that karma or some law of reciprocity was at work here; if you practice some sort of twisted/bigoted/sexist/depraved/wtf-worthy/unhealthily fetishistic/racist bullshit then maybe, just maybe some sort of twisted/bigoted/sexist/depraved/wtf-worthy/unhealthily fetishistic/racist bullshit might come back to bite you in the ass.

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