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Express Your Beliefs at SHU

            At Seton Hill University students are encouraged to express their many varying political and personal beliefs.  In order to aid in every student's personal expression there are a number of clubs which students can join: College Democrats, College Republicans, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Right to Life club, the Bible Study club and the Feminist Collective. 

            As a member of your club of choice you can sponsor events on campus such as a dance or even hold a fundraising event raising money for your club or an organization or charity which shares similar views with your club.  There's no limit to what you can do as a member or officer of these clubs; the more creative and dedicated you and your group members are the more of an impact your club can have at SHU.

            The right to express one's own personal views is a right not shared by everyone and I urge anyone, especially a college student on the journey of establishing his or her own individual identity and belief system to take advantage of this opportunity.  Joining clubs is a great way to make friends who share the same goals, interests and beliefs as you do.  I am a member of the College Democrats, Feminist Collective and president of the Gay Straight Alliance; I have enjoyed my involvement with all of these clubs and strongly encourage anyone to exercise their rights to both speak and express themselves freely and join up with a cause that you believe in.      

Here is a link to the video portion of my project.


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