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Articles of True Crime

I chose to pick the two articles pertaining to the incident at Delaware State and a

crime story from Spain.

The first story happened on Friday morning as a gunman shot two students who

were seriously wounded. The next story took place in Spain, a 58 year old man stabbed

his ex-wife.

The Delaware shooting, police identified a suspect as “persons of interest” were


The story from Spain, the man who had stabbed his wife was taken to the

Fontcalent prison in Alicante to await trial.

According to the layout of the judicial system, the two stories I chose only made it

to the entrance. Reported and observed crime, the two articles made it into print, so the

crimes were obviously observed. The Delaware story there is an investigation that is

ongoing. The story from Spain, the man accused is awaiting trial. An arrest has been

made in connection with the stabbing. The “persons of interest” were not arrested but


The reason I chose the two stories were to contrast each other. The story from

Spain is international with a different judicial system. The report was not estranged from

the report from the states. The two were similar. The only thing that stuck out for me was

the man who stabbed was already guilty and not innocent until proven. Whereas the

“persons of interest” was innocent until proven guilty. They or he/she was questioned,

that was all. The man who stabbed his wife claimed that he did not kill his ex-wife, but

yet he was taken to jail to await trial.


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