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Comments Left on Others for EL227

Why Oh Why Do We Do These Things by Jara White. Jara had written a blog entry contrasting newsstories. The first story is about three teenage girls, the second deals with a "black" teen. Which article would recieve more attention?

"Covering crime and its victims requires perspective, persistence and patience." by Chelsea Olive. Chelsea had written an entry pertaining to rape and how it is reported by the media. Does the media always need someone to blame?

Somethin' about a catchy hook, look! Take 2 by Corey Struss. Corey wrote an entry pertaining to using verbs in order for the lead to be active.

Married at Age 8? or Cute Kitten? by Tiffany Gilbert. Tiffany blogged on newsworthiness. What it MUST entail in order to be important, or does it need to subject itself to a specific audience?


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