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EL227: BoozeWorthiness, the Blessing of the Saints

Ha! Ha! I knew I would grab your attention with a title like that. I want to introduce you to my class. The instructor is Dr. Jerz, sort of the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Journalism, a wise man whom teaches his young apprentices the ways of writing for the media. The media, on the other hand, can be compared to Darth Vader, an evil Sith lord who is the master of the dark side. The media are conservative dictators who attempt to use propaganda on their victims to lure them into their lair (channel or newspaper).
The class of EL227 consist of a student body of 22 eager individuals, where 3 times a week they learn the ways of the Jedi. This is learned through, in class exercises, readings, writing articles, blogging, reflections, and agenda questions.
By the way, if you were not sure what a reflective portfolio is, here is an outline of what is expected: EL227.
For now the class is off exploring the galaxy during Fall break. We will resume on Wednesday October 17,2007. I hope that I have given you the necessary information in regards to Newswriting. As for the use of Star Wars references, that is just my age and geekiness leaking out.


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Before showing those clips on Friday, I guess should have said "May the Farce be with you."

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