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EL 200: CH 5 The Thought Stream of the Group Mind

The word of mouth during Roman times gave people their news by talking to them, listners would then tell other people around town, this led to misunderstandings, forggetfulness as each person transported the news. Imagine if that was how news was realted to us. Events would get distorted and embellished in the process. Take for example the Sago Mine disaster, the first set of headlines read that allseven were still alive, this came from an unreliable source. Where they down there with them? It made the families and friends have hope until the dreaded reality set in, they all died except for one man. What a set back. This is how news gets lost. One person who wants to talk to news reporters and does not know all that is going on is not always the best source of information, maybe misinformation. Soon after, the Roman Empire began to use groups to spread the news. This made it more effecient. That is why and how the empire had lasted so long, half a millennium. More roads and waterways to connect to others made communication easier as well. What an interesting group of people, to learn from the Greeks and build an empire that would dominate over others. News spread quicly through Europe and Asia due to Greek and Roman influences.


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