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EL 200: Chapter 4 The First Story That Comes to Hand

"The ability to speak is part of our genetic inheritance; the ability to write is not" I find this quote to be very acurate. When we are born, we learn to speak slowly by babbling then to learning a few words, then to speaking coherently. We are never able to write until learned through experience. Writing is a challenge for even seasoned veterans. The process takes time and training, that takes years to become really good at. I never thought it possible to write academically until taking several courses at Seton Hill University, which made me the writer that I am today. writing dates back to 3100 BC when the system was on clay tablets and the words were depicted by using symbols. The history of writing is interesting, it derives from a time when people were just starting to build civilizations and establish themselves in communities, now writing has gone to great lengths to include the internet, blogs, text messages, e-mail, Facebook, and My space, as well as other communication methods. Technology has changed the face of history to accomodate everyone on the uses of communication.


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