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IANS Ch. 2 - 4 EL227 How Media Changes The Minds of the Matter

Ch.2 Much Ado About Nothing
Sometimes small findings are more significant than major "newsworthy" items. Why does the news always place the smaller news bits in the local section, usually below a weight loss advertisement? On the other hand, if a stroy is researched and observed by publicity agents and leakers, it then brings attention to journalists who then fit the topic into making sense out of the world. At times journalists shoot for excitement rather than at the truth, regardless of scientific proof, they put a story into a newspaper with the feeling that it is more of a moundhill than anthill. In the absence of importance, the reader should decide for themselves whether something journalists depict as a mountain is only a small pile of dirt. I believe that there is a conflict between journalists, readers and scientists. Journalists and readers want fast, short sentence stories that sum up the truth, be it or not. Scientists require research and data to conclude a theory. This makes it hard to achieve a balance of the news or yet the truth.

Ch. 3 Bait and Switch
Ahh! Finally, I get to speak about an issue that has dug at my nerves for years, domestic disputes, rape and child abduction. It seems that men are always the center of attention, being the perpetrators to those crimes. Where does the woman fit in? Are they ever at fault? As a man I feel that I am always the victim, regardless of the situations: If I were to go to a party and meet a girl, and we both engaged in drinking and festivities all evening,and she pulls out a controlled substance and becomes violent after using, the two of us get into an altercation, she hits me and i defend myself by holding her down, I'm the one who gets arrested and not her. The fairness of our laws protecting both genders is very untrustworthy. (P. 40) "They found that assaults by women upon men were more common the latter. They also found that assaults by men upon women decreased between the first and second surveys. Even though methodlogical differences between the two surveys,"should have led to higher not lower, rates of reported violence, (Straus&Gelles) "How many instead of" what different kinds",newspaper stories attempt to sell us.
Ch.4 The Perils of Proxies
The "wrong thing" is measured by researchers, because the "right thing" is a changing concept that is hard to become precise. How much information is related back to the public that is false? I feel that surveys and polls continue to complicate society. (i.e. presidential and humanity surveys and polls)due to the population not cooperating. I would feel that you need the entire population to colaborate,not just the percentage.


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Jeremy: "I feel that surveys and polls continue to complicate society."
I agree completely. You can't define much with percentage, and what does percentage really mean anyway? 'you are one out of eight people who sleep for five hours', so? What does it mean when we define life by data and statistics?

I understand your frustration for how newsworthy items are chosen and then displayed in the paper. It seems like all the "worst" items are the most newsworthy- a fire that killed 8 is front page but someone local won an award? Eh, stick it in the Local section...under that weight loss ad.

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