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Lab Report EL200: The language of the yeti

Jeremy Barrick, a sophomore at Seton Hill University (SHU) has not yet written the great American novel or won the Noble Peace prize, instead, he has written two articles for the Setonian thus far and continues to write more in the future. Barrick has plans to do some photography for the next issue of the Setonian and also distribute the paper as well.
"This semester started off with a bang! I have been contributing to the Setonian alot this year. I have hopes of becoming one of the staff members and trying new jobs out with the newspaper. I do not wish to sit back and watch others do my job for me" stated Barrick
Barrick and other classmates of EL200 are getting much covered in the way of the school newspape, such as voicing what duties need done to get the Setonian published, positive and negative feedback, readings, and other contributions that will discipline the class to make the newspaper run smoother.
Kayla Sawyer, a junior at SHU said " I feel that Jeremy is contributing on a regular basis, not as much as some, but with a full time job and school full time, he has been doing well"
The Setonian will be having its third issue in pre-production coming up. October's issue should be filled with ghosts and goblins, Fall break, and other agenda items. Barrick and his prior experience of photgraphy, will take a shot at it during production on the next issue. He will also get his hands into distribution and copy editing, and coming up with titles to the articles.
"I have read both of Barrick's articles and feel that he is really good. Jeremy has great strengths and is able to organize himself efficiently. I can not wait to read more of his stuff in the future" stated Erin Waite, a sophomore at SHU.
The staff of the Setonian may be dwindeling and burned out, but they do such agreat job, they deserve to be recognized and appreciated more by students lending a hand at the office. A work force that is appreciated brings more effecient production values.
Barrick is planning a future in writing. Someday he hopes to write for a major magazine (ie, Rolling Stone, Bizzare, Tattoo, or Sports Illustrated). Good luck to Barrick and all his endevours in his journey to accompolish his goal.


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I really like your lead paragraph, It starts out with a guess of who "Jeremy Barrick is" and you really want to keep reading to find out who he is and what he does.

Awesome job!

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