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Television VS. The Almighty Newspaper

Differences in Media Reporting

I chose to watch the Fox 53 Ten O’clock news while I looked on at the Tribune

Review. There were several differences I noticed right off the back. One of them being

local news. The 10 O’clock news cast focused on what was happening in the area as the

top news stories of the day. The Tribune Review took national news and used it as their

top stories. Events going on around the country were obviously more important to

newspaper consumers than a ten year old boy being impaled by the handle bars of his


Fox news was not as detailed with their stories as they occurred one every two

minutes. The Tribune Review kept their stories short to a paragraph on the front page and

then continued on later in the pages. I felt it left the reader hanging. If the story was that

salient then the newspaper would have kept it going on that page.

Fox news had scrolling news at the bottom of the screen. The news was

broadcasted to the listeners by the anchor people while other news was scrolling at the

bottem updating constantly. I feel this is a great concept because if one lives locally they

can hear and see major local news while getting world and current events at the same


The Tribune Review does not have the press time to constantly update their newspaper as

Barrick 2

news happens. The reader is left waiting to get their news until the next day. This may

irritate some due to them wanting to be informed as events happen, while others seem to

patiently await until the next day so they are able to wake up and be reminded just how

crazy our country really is while sipping on their morning java.

News happens fast and constantly. The need to get it onto the air seems to conflict

with how fast a newspaper gets its news out. I guess it is all what the reader prefers. I

myself chose to watch the news. I like to see what is going on in Pittsburgh as opposed

to reading about how many deaths happened in Iraq this week. Not that that is not

important, but redundancy leads to boredom.


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