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That's Why I am a Vegetarian EL227 Ch. 7&8

I did not choose to not eat meat because of what the media reported about it, I chose not to because I had done research on the horrors of slaughterhouses and how cows, pigs, and chickens are raised. I went about it scientifically. ".......they noted that the inspection system, in which inspectors look at a side of beef, poke it, and sniff it, had gone unchanged since 1906 and could not detect the presence of deadly microorganisims that might contaminate the beef." If it aint broke, don't fix it! That is really disguisting! The same practice has gone unchanged for 91 years. If a reporter reports on the horrors of the way meat is processed it can be a bland and disinteresting subject, narrow the field down to "E. Coli", BAM!!! you now have a story that affects millions of people. Think of all the cases that have centered around E. Coli, this bacteria eating virus had caused major restuarants to go under, and has scared the Hell out many people (the plague). EX. 1993 The fast food chain, Jack in the Box, grew attention when one franchise sold hamburgers that were contaminated, occurred in Seattle, four children died and several hundred people fell ill. With a case like that, who in their right mind would eat meat?


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