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-Television/ Newspaper Comparison: Headline News for the local Tribune Review is not the same as the headlines for The 10pm Fox 53 news. Television news' first five minutes dealt with local news, occassionally a breaking news report would pop in. Newspaper; The War in Iraq!!!!! The two had obvious differences.
- Workbooks 2 & 4; Grammar exercises, punctuation errors, action, passive, linking verbs, and journalism terms.
Example 1: dateline
Checkbox off A part of a news story that identifies who wrote the story.
Checkbox on
The part of the news story that reports identifies where the story was written.
Checkbox off The part of a news story that identifies when the story was written.
Checkbox off The part of a news story that identifies when the story will be replaced with a fresher version.
Example 2: I closed, I close, I will close. (Active.)
I was closed, I am closed, I will be closed. (Passive.)

Describe the main verb voice in each of the following sentences.

I will have been loved.


Explanation: Verb: "will have been loved"

Subject: I

Subject performing the action? No.

The verb is passive.

-Article Writing: I had written an external story on homecoming, how it affects the residents of the Greensburg community, commuters of Seton Hill University, or not. I had 3 valuable sources, an outstanding lead, a well written nut graf, and a conclusion that wrapped the story up in a few short sentences.
Ex. of a lead: The Greensburg area has been home to Seton Hill college (SHU) for decades.

Homecoming, a regular tradition of SHU fell on October 5, 6, and 7th. Are Greensburg

residents and commuters of SHU shut out from the festivities? Affecting only students,

parents, faculty, and alumni of the university.


Covering Crime article; cover crime and disecting random articles was made enjoyable. This is one field of journalism I would like to get into. I chose two articles, one from another country and the other from the United States. The Deleware State shooting differed from the man in Spain who stabbed his wife. Each judicial system is different, the reporting is somewhat the same. The American story, the shooter was not found as of yet, also our process is innocent until proven guilty. Spain, the man was thrown in jail, guilty or not, awaiting trial.
Ex.1: The Delaware shooting, police identified a suspect as “persons of interest” were


Ex 2: The story from Spain, the man who had stabbed his wife was taken to the

Fontcalent prison in Alicante to await trial.


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