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The Dreams of Fudgecicles and Marshmellow Balloons

The desire to become a journalist has been a flame that continues to re-ignite itself. As I continue to grow with the journalism department at Seton Hill College, I have more of a desire to become a reporter/writer.
Journalism has gone to new heights with its incredible ability to get a story out on time, and still make sense. Journalist get this done by doing whatever it takes to get a story, they have done everything from having bullets whiz pass them in a heated battle between a gunmen and the police to hanging off of bridges to get a shot of a jumper. Journalism seems to be an adventerous job, but are there journalists who sit and wait to get a story? Of course, there are plenty of jobs where a reporter is ducking bullets, but a reporter who sits and waits may get a better stroy out. They have the time and are not constrained by competition.
Newspapers, magazines, and television outlets are all aspects of the media where different forms of reporting are necessary toget the readers attention. Certainly a writer for Cosmopoliton would have no interest in the Gulf War as a newspaper would. A magazine is able to cover more and go into great detail with their stories. Television is somewhat restricted. This is due to the opinions of the station. If a station is mainly right-winged, then the stories would support things such as George Bush, Christian views, and the support of the war. On the contrary side, if a station is more liberal, the stories would less likely support George Bush, the war, but support ant-war protestors.
The journalism program at SHU has taught me several things regarding. First, be acurate. Be honest, and be prompt. When writing an article be organized. Go beyond the ordinary, stick out. Be intelligent and disciplined, do not use buzz words, write for the masses and not yourself.
Interviewing skills: find several people to interview, make sure the information they have given you is real, not phony. Make sure the names they give you are real, not phony (ie, Al Goholic, Seymore Butts, and Richard Cranium). Interview in person, not the iternet, the phone will work as well. Do background research on the topic before interviewing, if time permits.
Be humble. Letting the ego take control of onself can be a dangerous thing. The first article that is written may recieve an array of compliments from professionals and amatuers alike, accept it and move on. I have written four published articles thus far, I recently recieved recognition from the National Union of Journalists(UK). My first response was to scream, instead, I looked at it several times to make sure that it was not a response to someone elses article, I then embraced it and moved on. My first real response away from the college.
The life of a journalist is never ending. The stories are real and happening constantly, from all over. I take my job serious and have remained dedicated to what I have strived for my entire life.
I hope this blog has given my readers insight into the real beginnings of a journalists life.


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It's been great watching your progress, Jeremy. I'm glad to see you're aware of it yourself, because sometimes in all the chaos we don't take the time to reflect (and celebrate, when appropriate).

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