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Work Books 2 & 4: Verbage, Grammer, and Journalism Terms

-Work Book 2 consisted of random multiple choice questions relating to grammer, punctuation, and journalism terms. Ex. Good news stories follow events in strictly chronological order.


Explanation: Right! Every story should have a news hook, which is tied to a recent event, but you should present the most important details first, continue with less important details and background, and sputter out with optional details.

Work Book 4 consisted of action, passive, and linking verbs. Ex. of: Passive voice means the subject of the sentence is not performing the action - something else is.

I closed, I close, I will close. (Active.)
I was closed, I am closed, I will be closed. (Passive.)

Describe the main verb voice in each of the following sentences.

I will have been loved.


Explanation: Verb: "will have been loved"

Subject: I

Subject performing the action? No.

The verb is passive.


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