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EL227. ABNW. Chapter 10. Great Stories Great Writing

The Language of Journalism Is Democratic: When "plain style" is used powerfully, it flows from democratic impulses and creates a model for public discourse. Described by Hugh Kenner as he discussed the language of journalism.
I guess what this all means is, write simple so the words can be understood and dissappear into thought. A good story grows from the words it is contrived from, words paint a picture, when used successfully. The term "democratic" means that everybody are able to understand what the author is saying in his/her article or story. To achieve good journalism, avoid the unnecessary and meaningless jargon and simplicity will appear from the mist. P.299-300


I hate it when news reporters use all of that political jargon I can't understand. Journalism brings news to the masses, and most of us aren't politicians and lawyers. We are common people who just want to know what is going on.

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