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EL-336 Portfolio 1. Oral to Manuscript Culture. The Stepping Stones of Technology

-Brookfield (1-22)-
-WM Plato-
-WM Ong-
-Havelock (19-62)-
-WM Homer;WM Sundiata-
-Havelock (63-97)-
-WM Rheingold-
-WM Elbow-
-Havelock (98-126)-
-WM Baron-
-WM Trithemius-
-Brookfield (23-35;46-53)-

-WM Birkerts-
-McLuhan (1-90)-
-Havelock (19-62)-
-Homer & sundiata-
-Havelock (63-97-
-Havelock (98-126)-
-Chris U.-
-Kayla S.-
-Daniella Ch.-


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