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EL-336. Trithemius. Scribed to the Press.

"It is this piety which forges the weapons of the faithful against heresies, scatters the proud, weakens demons and sets the norm of Christian living." (p.470 Trithemius)
I guess you can call these people fanatics.
I thought the relation between good scribing and eternity was interesting. Was it because Johannes Trithemius was an abbot? Yes, a good hand copier takes skill as well as talent but technology has broken that tradition with the addition of the typewriter. With scribing, one is able to write with their font of choice or add additional things if necessary. With printing, it is so formal. The print is copied onto another print, word for word. There are pros to each innovation, just as there are cons to each. It stated in the book that copying was doomed, not directly because of printing , but because of the Reformation. There is something to be said of copying. I guess there is an art to it, a simple kind of perfection that eases ones soul. Personally, I have never been a good hand writer so I would not know what the accomplishment is like.


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Can you remember the last time you wrote an assignment by hand? To think, now it is considered lazy and unprofessional to hand write a paper when for centuries the scribe was one of the most valued members of society? I guess, in a way, technology has destroyed a valued part of culture.

However, there is still the art of calligraphy that is still very valued in the orient. That would be an interesting topic: western versues the eastern world-which has been affected most by technology?

Although I have an electronic to-do list on the sidebar of my e-mail inbox (which is constantly opened in a browser on my constantly running pc [yes, I know that's bad]), I still have to write multiple times in my planner each day to ensure I've got all my priorities down. I handwrite notes in lecture classes by the pages still. As for an assignment, I literally cannot remember the last hand-written thing I've submitted. Perhaps in my first semester STW class--a paper draft. I think that's it. You raised an excellent question, Dani.

I think the eastern world has been more affected by technology because they're its technology forward, though we may not realize it. After all, writing originated in the eastern world.

The West is typically preoccupied with utility. If it isn't quick and easy to use, we're not likely to place much value in it unless it offers some other advantages.

It seems he found cpying scripture a good way to pass time, which makes sense, since it probably took him days to finish passages

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