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EL-336. WM-Rheingold "What kind of person am I becoming as a result of all this stuff?"

"Whenever you see an Amish woman sitting in the field like that, she's probably talking on a cell phone."
What a bizarre picture Rheingold has painted, the image of this frightens me.

Good question. What have we become due to technology? If we didn't have it, where would we be? Possibly defeated. Have we used it for pure evil? Internet predators, wars, blogging, communication, dating, sex, shopping, house hunting.........etc. Maybe the Amish are right, keep it pure and simple. Nothing ever happens t them (except for the school shooting by Charles Roberts iv). Is this because they are slowly letting technology enter into their culture?
Yes, the concept of sharing a phone, is a good idea. But does it ruin the staple that America has put on them? Bringing technology into such an untouched area of the world can only ruin the people that inhabit it. The Amish are already a tight knit group that sticks together. Why the need for electronics?
It just doesn't stop at a cell phone, the Amish are slowly being engulfed by the outside world. This may turn them into an average group of people. Connection with the outside world brings conflict and unnecessary problems. In conclusion, if the community came first, maybe there would not be so much pressure in the world as it is today. More unity would be present. The world would be a safer place to live. Unscathed from the greedy monsters who control it.


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Nothing ever happens to them?

Bad things still happen to them. It's just that they don't talk about it.

Community vs technology? I think that it has become clear in the past decade or two that society will nevr go back to caring about the people in it before it cares about the technology it gives them. We are blogging right now instead of talking on the phone or in front of eachother.

Can anyone really stay free and pure from the clutches of modern technology forever? Not unless you are an Indian ascetic, living as a hermit in the Himilayas. I agree that the concept of having a shared phone for emergencies is a good one, but do the Amish need cell phones? They already live within walking distance from each other. They live closeby so that there is no need to go into the outside world. The amish already grow their own food, buisnesses, trnasportation, and shelter. Just going down the road to the country store is not a legitimate reason to carry a Razor.

The Amish have wisely chosen to judge each new technology in turn, carefully considering its merits and potential drawbacks in the context of their lives and morals. They understand that technology itself is not the problem--rather, it is the way in which it is used (or misused) that can become a problem.

It would be silly for the Amish to completely reject all technology simply because it is technology, because even the simplest tools--like the farming implements they use to plow and sow their fields--are still forms of technology. Primitive, yes, but still incredibly important to their way of life.

Just because we're not Amish doesn't mean that we still don't have the choice to exclude technology in our lives.

Chris, I agree with you. Something as simple as a pencil can be considered technology- it doesn't have to have plastic and wires to be classified as a technological advance in my opinion.

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