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EL-336 Aarseth-CYBERTEXT. The Great Space Coaster

"I wish to challenge the recurrent practice of applying the theories of literary criticism to a new empirical field, seemingly without any reassessment of the terms and concepts involved." (Aarseth,14)
What I gathered from this book was that there are new ways of writing and reading. This 'new' language can be attributed to the computer. The computer has become the mainstream. There basically are no more book, letters written, or department stores. The digital galaxy has turned 'traditional' values into history. Now back to my point. Emoticons have replaced writing- : 0 ; ( I just expressed myself, after reading CYBERTEXT, by using a few symbols that made a picture of puzzlement, and sadness. I didn't have to write anything.
Digital text is another planet far, far, away. I am young and do not understand half of it. OMG, BFF, LOL, HS, TBFY...and a digital dictionary more.
I was not shocked by reading Aarseth, I knew that our language and writing would eventually be replaced, although the digital language is compared to literary language.
To the older generation, I would imagine that the digital language is like trying to learn a foreign language; whereas the youth of today, raised in the digital age, know it fluently.
I for one would love to learn Huttese, the official language of Jabba the Hutt.


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the digital age has compressed life, in a way. instead of conversations, we have little one line at a time aim sessions. By the time I write the word happy, I could have done this three times: :) :) :). Both indicate the same emotion. Humanity seems to be in a rush, for we continually develope technology that guides us faster and faster through life.

Over spring break, there was a student who shot himself at one of the local colleges. The school does have an emergency committee; however, by the time they found out, the students already knew. Everyone had texted their friends. The problem was already over by the time the committee convened. Texting can also save lives.

I concur: chapter 2 was by far one of the most confusing selections I have ever read. I might as well have been reading latin. Note how I said latin instead of greek because if I read latin, I could still make some sense of it.

Do you think this book would be more understandable if it were like an online book? I have a hard time understanding some of what Aarseth writes about digital text just as i get confused with texting language. I do not think, however, that books will be completely wiped out. We are reading a book about digital text. whodathunkit

Each new technology brings assets to society, although not all of them surface immediately. This goes with almost aspects of life though, when a new idea, medicine, technology emerges, it doesnt hit its "prime" until years later.

You make a good point, David. It takes time for us to realize the true potential of most new technologies--look at the Internet, which was originally conceived as a communications tool for the military.

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