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EL-336 Doctorow. It's Not Such a Small World After All

"The universe gets older. So do I. So does my backup, sitting in redundant distributed storage dirtside, ready for the day that space or age or stupidity kills me." (Doctorow p,206)

The universe is infinite and so is cyberspace. Digital technology can progress but never be destroyed. I say this as I write it in my blog, using technology. My blog will forever be preserved just as the microchip that was once a partial human being, live eternally dirtside until it is put into something else. So, we are only numbers in the physical world, or are we meaningful beings that make an impact in our society? Doctorow mentions, at the end of his book that, "Jeanine says it's pretty good, but what does she know? She's barely fifty." Is age mentioned to conflict technology? Humans eventually die, young or old, but the older they do, the wiser they are? Technology progresses, it never seems to die out, once a particular medium gets old, another one takes its place; it's a revolving door, unlike life.


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I highly contest that digital culture can be destroyed. Remember Beta, VCR, 8-track, casettes, Super Nintendo, and yakback pens? If anything, digital culture is one of the most ephemeral things out there. Julius' brain malfunction demonstrates its weakness.

As to blog preservation, my question is can the admin of the setonhill.edu blogs go in and delete entries, or can only a student do that? Because I remember Tiff Brattina being ticked that a very long blog of hers from Lit Crit was gone.

Are we expendable and replacable? Is there nothing unique to the body, or is it just a temporary caseing? The last bit of the book is very philosphical

I loved this quote in the book Jeremy. I was considering it for my own agenda item at first. The universe gets older, but it doesn't ever die just like the information on a computer's hard drive. Now I can't in good conscience say that a hard drive will last forever as an embedded technological footprint, but it we can sometimes rescue files after it has been damaged.

I think it would be great to have the ability to access memories on a computer, but not to put them into clones. If I had dementia or Alzheimer’s then maybe it would be an option.

also, I will give you the Kindle in class on tuesday

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