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EL-336 Response to Baio's Blog Entry

"I just wanted to clarify in writing what we discussed about "Restaurant" last Tuesday -- what I will and will not agree to.

I will not sign a blank sheet of paper: I refuse to take responsibility for "Restaurant" in the state it presently is in -- not knowing who is creatively in charge, how much thinking has actually been done, or how much of a script is written. ...

What I'd like to see is a piece of paper, on which is an exact, REALISTIC schedule of how much creative input the programmer is to receive, and when, that Bywater and/or Adams has/have signed. Then I'll tell you whether I agree to take the project or not. ..." (Amy Briggs)

After reading the blog, I was a little upset over the whole "is this journalism?" thing. I really do not feel that it is, or should be called journalism. Why? Can anybody with a computer type and post their opinions, or the statements of others? This makes me a little leery as to why I want to enter the journalism field.
Yes, it would be nice to have your created masterpiece posted on the internet for all to read but where does it stop and the professionals begin?
The information posted in Baio's blog was from an anonmyous source, who was the source? What if the source was misdirected and inaccurate? Does that not reflect on the blogger for posting false information? It should.
Baio should have checked the sources. There is a set of rules and guidelines a journalist must follow, I feel that he crossed those lines. It seems that there are millions of bloggers out in cyberspace who feel they have something important to say, I really do not feel the necessity to read what some nut thinks about the current election. That ultimately leads to debates that erupt into full blown conflicts.
So no, I do not think this should even capture nor define journalism. When I think of journalism, I think of the greats; such as Cronkite, Thompson, Churchill, and yes, even Couric.


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Word jeremy... I get that uneasy feeling too. I dont like how people can think that just anybody can do journalism, cause it is not that simple. This guys blog though said he was a indpendent journalist.. what does that mean?

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