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May 3, 2008

EL-336 Response to Kindle

Kindle Reflection

Was it love at first sight with the Kindle? I really feel that it wasn’t. I saw it as

another piece of technology to conquer; although the Kindle is an interesting mechanism.

I saw it for what it served as, a learning tool. The Kindle comes in a nice, protective case,

it appears that if I would drop the device, it would break. At first, I thought that the

Kindle was broken as it would not turn on; any piece of technology that does not turn on

automatically I fear that I purchased a faulty device. So society really did not eliminate a

non hands-free lifestyle yet. It still takes energy to get up and plug in a device so that it

can charge. Just as the first remote controls for television, users still had to get up off of

the couch and physically turn the television on. The rubber non-slip backing, with

symbols engraved on it, was sort of useless to me, I like to hold a gadget in my hands

and use it but I can understand the purpose of it. The device itself was set up like a mini

computer, it has a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse device that scrolls. I do enjoy the ease of

technology but there is nothing like holding and the smell of a book in the physical sense.

I like to be able to turn the pages of a book and mark my place by folding a corner of the

page down. Technology may seem convenient but it is more work than going into a

bookstore, purchasing a book, paying for the book, and reading the book; the user of the

Kindle has to plug it in, if not charged, turn it on, find the preferred book on the device,

click on it, and ,finally, read it. The Kindle also retails for a whopping $399.00 that

could be detrimental to the wallet.
Barrick 2

Rest assured if one gets lost with the Kindle, I Googled “Kindle” and found a lot

of valued information on amazon.com. For instance, there were many pictorials, a

product overview, a video demonstration, a description, testimonials, technical details,

and reviews.

The menu option took me to a store that I was able to purchase items related to

the Kindle (if properly connected to the internet), and a settings menu where I found

myself engaged for some time. I was able to restart the Kindle so upgrades were able to

be loaded, and a legal menu to protect the software.

This is a device better found in electronic stores, online shops, and expensive

gadget stores like Brookstone or even Radio Shack, so there is a market for them just not

on the inexpensive side.

The physical look of the device was thin and sleek. It looked like something that

would be able to be carried anywhere, anytime. The buttons on the left and right helped

me navigate through the pages. There was a split-second delay between pages. Two Next

Page buttons, probably for lefties or righties, a Back button, and a Previous Page option

were helpful but all of the options became a bit confusing after a while. I just wanted to

read, and I was unable to because I had to look at which option I was choosing. The

greatest aspect of the Kindle was the fact that I was able to scroll to a line of text, press

the Scroll button in, another menu was produced. The menu had options like: Lookup.

Add Highlight, and Add Note. When I hit Lookup, the device sent me to a screen that

gave me definitions of every word on that particular line. I was also able to add or delete

highlight to a line of text (choice). I then pressed the Scroll button again, on the same line

Barrick 3

of text, I went into the Add Note option and I was able to write a note on that particular

passage; what a good concept for college students.

While I do not think that the device is very practical, I do think that it may come

in handy for students. I actually could sit with the Kindle for hours (time permitted) and

run through the various screens, or click on the particular options. I love gadgets,

especially digital ones. If Seton Hill University is interested in purchasing one of these

for every student majoring in the English field, please do so because I cannot afford one

of these alone. I would also recommend some color in the device itself, and the body of

it; a variety is what people want to choose from, I know I do. This little device is really

neat, I just wish I had a little more time to spend with it.

May 1, 2008

EL-336 Oral Presentation 2; Pornography in Technology

I would like to think that I did an alright job today. I realize that the subject

matter was a tad risqué but since it was the last presentation of the semester, I wanted to

discuss a subject that is, really, never touched. I felt that it related to what EL-336 had

been discussing all semester. I tried to link pornography to technology and the book as a

reminder of where and how it all started. I apologize if anybody was embarrassed by the

subject matter, but look at it this way, at least we are all adults. I had really good

questions that kept the class discussion going. This course has taught me to open my eyes

to new things that I generally would have overlooked before. I think that the adult

industry is an important factor in our society as it brings in billions of dollars a year, and

that’s good for the economy. If were not for cyberporn, millions of people would

probably not bother with computers as a large percentage of adults download

pornography on a daily basis. I could’ve taken a different approach to Landow’s essay

but that would be conforming to that status quo. Again, if I offended anybody with my

presentation, I’m sorry. I was not trying to shock the class nor offend. I also think that my

presentation added humor to the class, not everyone is comfortable with discussing


EL-336 Oral Presentation 2 Erotic Porn vs. Cyberporn

The erotic novel vs. cyberporn

The book versus the digital world of fantasy. Have we become a society of

addictions(i.e., sex) brought on by technology? The sex industry continues to generate

billions of dollars per year. The revenue comes from novels, magazines, merchandise,

movies, and the internet. But what are the differences between the erotic novel and

cyberporn? Are there any? Or did the book eventually instigate digital pornography?

These are questions that I raised during my research in order to compare or contrast the

two mediums.

Does the erotic novel get more attention than cyberporn, or has the book become a thing of the past in the porn genre? Why does the novel become edited for content but porn magazines and porn on the internet are explicit.

I want to focus on a particular novel; Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence. The erotic underwent various printings due to its sexual content; according to bibliomania.com. The main reason for the censorship of the book in England was the unprecedented unrestrained and explicit language used to describe the Mellors affair.

George Landow’s; Twenty Minutes into the Future, or How Are We Moving Beyond the Book? He is an advocate of computing in the humanities. A Victorian scholar, Landow has created a umber of websites for teaching and research in his field. He raises some good questions in his essay: “What implications does a shift from physical to digital have for the culture of the book? Will it essentially leave unchanged the way readers consider novels, poetry, and nonfiction, or will the fact that such works no longer always, or most conveniently, exist in book form in some way make the book as a form, as a means of reading, and as a destination for writing seem a trifle archaic, self-consciously high culture?”

Is it more convenient to type in a credit card number and in seconds be able to download porn? Or does the erotic novel serve the same purpose? To move the reader from the harsh reality of life and transcends them into a world of fantasy.

Barrick 2

“In many ways, we have, for better or worse, already moved beyond the book.” (Landow)

Statistics that prove we have moved beyond the book- Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography. Every second - 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography. Every second - 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines. Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States. US $13.33 (billions) in pornography each year. In 2006: (billions)
Video Sales & Rentals $3.62 $4.28 Internet $2.84 $2.50 Cable / PPV / In-Room / Mobile / Phone Sex $2.19 $1.34 Exotic Dance Clubs $2.00 $2.00 Novelties $1.73 $1.50 Magazines $.95

To conclude: yes it is a shift to move from something physical to something digital but we cannot overlook the book, it still serves as a source of information that is fundamental to our lives, porn or not. Digital culture serves as our newly found form of enlightenment, as information can be easily accessed. In a sense, Cyberporn was loosely created from the erotic novel.