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EL405 Practice Screencast Tutorial

In my presentation, I am doing a general navigation through Blender. I have watched many tutorials, so I am in a way blending them together, to create a simple walk through. The CamStudio project echoes what others have done in their tutorials. I have not become to efficient in using Blender yet, so my agenda is to show the class that I have basic skills in CamStudio and Blender.
* Click on box, press Delete (disappears)
* Press Space bar-Add-Mesh-select object
* Press Tab (keyboard)-switches from Object mode to Edit mode
* Select Views (toggle with the different views)
or press 1, 3, or 7 numbers on the keyboard for views as well
* To Zoom-use the center wheel located on the mouse
+ or - Zooms also
* Shift key (keyboard) and the center wheel of the mouse moves the object up and down
* Press 0 (zero) is the Camera mode
getting out of Camera mode, go to Views-choose a view besides "Camera"
* The 4, 6, 8, and 2 are the orbits the object
* Control key (keyboard) and selecting 4, 6, 8, or 2pans the object
*Getting familiar with the basic skills in Blender will make navigating much easier


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Jeremy,your content will be very useful for people like I was 3 weeks ago: people who have never used Blender or tried to and gave up. It's like trying to work a guitar amp-you have no idea at frist, but it gets easier. My only critique is that the audio skips sometimes, making you sound slightly robotic. I can tell you were whispering, so matbe it has something to do with the Camstudio audio recording settings.

Awesome. You really showed all the basics well.

However, I think it would have been useful to have a shape visable when you were showing the different views in the beginning.

That orbit action is really cool. This would have been a great to tutorial for us to have used like 3 weeks ago. I think it is a perfect example of crawling before you can walk. The simple things get to do doing hard things. I never learned how to orbit, but I think i'll try it now. My only criticism it that you could speak up a bit more.

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