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EL 200 About Self

Recently, the second issue of the Setonian was published. Many students of Seton Hill University (SHU) rushed to the stands to view the latest news going off and on campus. But do they realize how much blood and sweat goes into the production of the Setonian?
A good way to go about this would be to, first, look into the EL200 course. El 200 otherwise known as Media Lab is a course taught by professor Dennis Jerz. The course is designed to teach students, interested in journalism, the production aspect of the paper. Students choose what, they, think they would be best suited for. For instance, Jeremy Barrick, a junior at SHU, recently took over as the online editor of the Setonian, previously ran by Kayla Sawyer. When asked about this position, Barrick responded, “At first it was really tough. Juggling a full-time job and going to school full-time, but time management is the key here. I can do it. I can conquer any mountain that I am faced with.” Barrick has produced the last two issues of the Setonian by bringing them online. He further stated, “I will continue to bring the news online. My future goals for the Setonian is to bring color, games, and whatever else previously students didn’t do to it in order for it to get better recognized.”
Barrick has taken three Media Labs so far. It seems that Barrick is not afraid to get his feet wet when coming to journalism.
When asked about Barrick’s progress on the Setonian, a fellow classmate, Chelsea Oliver, sports editor for the Setonian said, "Though Jeremy's article was unable to be put in this issue, he has worked hard on it and I'm sure that it will only be that much better because of the extra time that is now being put into it. He always comes out with quality articles and I'm sure that this one is no different."
To date, Barrick has produced numerous, colorful articles ranging from restaurant reviews to an interview with UFO enthusiast Stan Gordon. Barrick plans to go on with his journalism career, after school. He feels that relocation is the key objective to obtaining a, decent, job in the field. "Jeremy has learned how to do the online production. He is doing a fine job," said Kayla Sawyer, the news editor. Among his noteworthy doings, Barrick had taken his classmates to the Setonian office to show them the inner workings of the paper. We here at the paper would like to wish Barrick a most successful journey in his path to becoming a career journalist.


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