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EL 200; Chapter 5: Newswriting

"Quotations from sources add human voices to a newspaper story. Quotes capture emotion, offer varying perspectives and add authority to your stories." (pp. 42 Kanigel)

Yes, quotes bring physical characteristics to a story. The Setonian utilizes that aspect of journalism. I agree that it is good to use quotes because why would anyone believe a story unless a physical attribute was added. That puts a narrator into a story. It also makes a fictional story true. Journalists are storytellers. Yes, quotes and sources need validation, but for the most part, we are the ones who convey to the public what is good, what is bad, and when to cross the street. So, in a sense, we control people's lives. By bringing an outsider into your column/story you are letting them feel important for a moment. Andy Warhol made a comment once that stuck in my mind; "everybody gets 15 minutes of fame"
I remember when the Star Wars prequels were released. Revenge of the Sith came out. Excited, I awoke early that morning and headed to the local cinema with my friend. We got out tickets for that evening, last showing, and headed towards the car. A reporter from the Tribune Review stopped us on the way. The journalist asked us why we were there and what our favorite movie was. Of course I said The Empire Strikes Back and I told him the reasons why. He thanked me for my time and went on his way. Afterwards, I felt like I was king of the world. I was the be all end all of the Star Wars trilogies. That just goes to show how quotes make an impression on the readers and the person giving the actual quote.


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It does feel good to see something you said end up on the page. I have a similar story. When "Order of the Phoenix" came out, me, my sister, and our friend Brandi dressed up in Hogwarts costume and hung aroud the plaza till the midnight showing. A reporter, a year or two older than myself, stopped us and asked us about Harry Potter. She also asked us what we thought of the movie afterwards. She took our picture and a couple of hours later, the three of us were on the cover of section B. It was really cool. The article is acutally hanging above my dorm desk.

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