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EL 200: SNSG, Chapter 9; Opinion Pages

"The New York Times hired its first public editor in 2003 after reporter Jayson Blair was fired for plagiarizing and fabricating stories." (Kanigel, p.73)
The ombudsman serves as a defense attorney. They advocate ethical and moral issues. Representing people who need it. That, in turn, makes for honest and strong opinion stories. Having an arbitrator is like a referee in a boxing match. You put a fabricated story out to the public, you get knocked down; whereas you put an honest story abound, you have people on your side. Opinions are very sketchy, to me.They, usually, end up in conflicts. For example, my freshman year, I had first learned to blog. I had no clue as to what it was. I never did it before entering college. I, thought, I knew what I was doing. A fellow student write an opinion in the comments section. I took it the wrong way and write something sarcastic back. I should have taken a different approach to it, but at the time, I felt that I didn't need any help. That is why I try to keep opinions to myself. I do not want someone to take them the wrong way like I did.


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