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EL 200: EOJ; Chapter 1, Moving the Media Cheese

"Media companies were quick, at least some of them, to notice the increasing popularity of the Net and wireless communications. They have adopted innovative steps to keep up with the change and to continue to become profitable by attracting younger audiences.Young audiences drive advertising and advertising is the lifeblood of a media company." (Rosales, p.1)

It seems that everything is turning to the digital world. That is where the money is to be made, anymore. I think that people feel comfortable buying items on the Internet. Teens especially are attracted to the wide universe of the Web. I know a lot of, younger, people that make purchases on the Internet as opposed to going out to a store and physically buying an item. I see this with cellular phones, wireless communication has become huge. I do not know one person that does own a cell phone. As long as communication stays where it is at, the Internet will be the main sewer for purchases and communicating. Companies are smart by focusing on teens. They are most vulnerable and prone to make instant purchases without thinking it over first. My mother, on the other hand, wouldn't know the first thing about how to look something up on the Internet or ,let alone, buy something.


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