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EL 200: EOJ; Chapter 2, Online journalism: Elements of a digital story

"The practice of online journalism is much like cooking on Emeril Lagasse's show- one must kick it up a notch." (Rosales, p.4)
Is this chapter dedicated to me? It seems like it. When I took over the Setonian online, I had no clue what was in store for me. The process is not hard, just tedious. To make it vibrant and advanced, I will have to put more work in it than what has been done in the past. I will have to dedicate myself so many hours a week in order to bring it out of its little shoe box.
After reading this, short, chapter, I have gained a little more knowledge as to what I should do with the Setonian. I would like to animate Daniella's cartoons or do a slide show of the preproduction of the Setonian. There are lots of ideas in mind, I will have to take the next steps in order to execute them.


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I've found working with html to not be all that difficult. The tedious part comes when you have to try and find where the problem causing you to malfunction lies.

I definately recommend getting rid of the drab grey cover page of the Setonian Online. I know for me personally, its a turn off. Make the page exciting. I know I'd like to see a cartoon archive!

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