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EL 200: SNSG Chapter 6

"It's hard to say if Carrie Bradshaw, the fictional columnist of 'Sex and the City', spawned them, but sex columns have become a staple of 21st century college newspaper." (Kanigel, p.50)
Sex is and has always been a controversial subject not just on campus, but off it as well. Just to write an article on the subject, without doing any research, would be distasteful and unsatisfying to the reader. Kanigel was right by saying that researching the subject would make for a better article. If one wants a story on sex, buy a pornographic magazine, that is the medium for those types of explicit articles. An example of this would be, the current spread of herpes on campus, or an article on birth control. While sex is a word that, most, people cringe at or are afraid to approach, the word can be a beautiful entrance to serve educational values throughout campus.


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Yeah, there's definately a difference between Carrie's column and Penthouse. Descriptions of escapes belong in the wayyyyy back of the magazine rack in mags that come covered in black.

If writing about sex in a prfessional medium like a newspaper, it'd best be about related issues, like birth control education and prevention of disease. A journalist's job is to inform and enlighten.

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