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EL 200: SNSG; Chapter 7, Sports Writing

"Sports writing is about sports, yes, but it's also about good reporting and good writing, about observing and describing, about seeing what's really going on and transmitting that information to the reader." (Kanigel, p.56)
Sports are one facet of journalism that I would, eventually, like to tackle. I have always been interested in them, and have played, most, of them throughout my life. It always appeared mysterious to me how writers and announcers are able to be quick witted, calling play by play as they occur. Sitting in the bleachers, I have always been that person that said, "I can do that."
I do agree with Kanigel that sports writing is about sports, but it does show that the writing is a lot more than that. The journalist has to make the story interesting and appealing to the reader. Sports writers are a dime a dozen, so they have to pull their articles apart from the rest, making theirs the best on a particular game or profile on a player.
The role of the sports writer can be a strenuous job. Being on top of sports writing can prove difficult. There are so many games to a particular sport, for instance, football is 16 games plus the playoffs and a Super Bowel if necessary. That is a lot of work to cover in the course of a few months.


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"Sports are one facet of journalism that I would, eventually, like to tackle."

1) I like your use of tackle.
2) So you want to write sports...

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