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EL 200: SNSG; Chapter 8, Arts and Entertaining Writing

"If an out-of-town band is coming to town, try to interview members a week or two before by phone to give readers a sense of what's in store." (Kanigel, p.64)

Previews are a good. If it weren't for them, no one would know what a particular band or movie is like. It gives the readers insight. To know what is going on makes a person feel like they are part of a particular medium (i.e., music). I do like the Pittsburgh City Paper for their previews. I didn't know certain bands were coming in to town until read the paper. The City Paper, usually, states which band members will be touring with the band, and what songs they like to perform on stage. It is always helpful to read up on a preview before going somewhere. The reader will then have hindsight as to how much? where? when? what time?


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