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EL 200 Spot Political News Ideas

I really like the idea of spot news. Especially for new students. It gives them a taste of how journalism really works. By putting them under pressure and on the spot with interviews, they pick up on things,that are not normally shown in class. The, current, election is already a staple in the annals of history. By choosing to do spot pieces on the election gives us, students, a chance to be part of that history. But, on the other had, I feel that to much pressure on the student affects them in a negative way. I mean being subjected to face a politician, whether they are local or national, and interviewing them is a big step for such amateurs. One bad interview can disable the journalism student for the rest of their academic career. I do not intimidate easily, so I like when I get the chance to meet people that hold powerful positions, especially in the political realm. As far as ideas go, I would not have a clue as to where us, students, could get their stories from. Word of mouth or possibly asking around campus would help.


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