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EL 405 Interactive Fiction Games

The first game I plated was Punk Points. This game was right up my alley, seeing that I am into an underground subculture. Punk Points is about a boy who wakes up, from a dream, and starts his first day of school, of course he is an outcast. The agenda is to gather up as many punk points as possible. To do this, the player has to do things that a punk would normally do such as flip the middle finger, spit on things, and other obscenities. I enjoyed this game the most due to its contents and the way the game is laid out. I would like to use Punk Points as a template for Rock and Roll Scum.
The second game I played was a bit different. It was called Ray Part 2.
Ray Part 2 was a combination of Flash and interactive fiction. Since I do not know Flash, yet, I will not be using this game as a mirror for my IF game, Rock and Roll Scum. Ray Part 2 was a funny, animated game that reminded me of the characters from South Park. My character was a thug who is sent to do "hits" on people. It was fun, but the novelty wore off after playing it for a half an hour. There was no getting lost in the game because the character was given choices. You accepted or declined them.
I think I will stick with Punk Points. The game may be a little tough to figure out, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't that bad.


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So this sounds alot more exciting that hunting clues and escaping out of random places. The Punk game is definately unique in its objective. I should play ittttt.

That is a lot more exciting than picking up items hidden under things. That stuff bores me. That's why I want my Harry Potter game to focus more on mystery, behavior, and dialogue. It will probably get very lengthy, so maybe I can turn a section of the game into an assignment and the entire game into the final class project.

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