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EL 405 Interactive Fiction: Rock and Roll Scum!!!!

You are the notorious leader of a rock and roll band. You and your band are in a van heading to a gig, located in downtown. Downtown is heavily trafficked and people are everywhere. The van sputters before reaching the crest of town. The van breaks down, smoke is coming from the hood of the van. The band is stuck at this point. The leader had promised his fans that this particular show would be the best one yet. At the club, hundreds of fans wait outside to get in. It is very hot out. Fans have been waiting all day for tickets. The leader of the band has begun swearing at his band. The band cringes with every holler. The leader opens the door of the van and examines the smoke emerging from the hood. The leader opens up the hood, smoke pours out. The leader steps back and runs back into the van. The fans waiting outside the club are becoming restless. The fans have started to divulge into binge drinking and drug usage. This is all occurring outside the club. Back at the van, the leader and his band grab their instruments and start walking towards the city. They are five miles out of town, south direction, in the outskirts, on an abandoned road.

The city is five miles north. The van doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere without gas.
“We have to make the gig by 7pm” says the leader.
Examine van: (contents) empty gas can, packs of empty smokes, sheets of lyrics, and the stench of body odor.
Examine fans: they are frustrated, upset that the band has not arrived yet, one fan Kyle is the younger brother of the leader of the band. He holds vital as to the band’s whereabouts.
The agenda of the game is to make it to the gig without getting stuck, again. There are many obstacles the band has to conquer on their way such as drivers with road rage, conservative farmers, and an angry mob awaiting the band at the gig.
Examine Kyle and he may, with enough persuasion, tell the crowd where the band may be in order for them to get back in one piece.
Hint: Kyle loves hippy girls.
There is a hippy girl in the crowd.
Get the wrong girl and Kyle may find himself in a heap of trouble with most of their boyfriends.
If the band comes back in one piece, they play a successful show, and the reward is a huge post party.
By telling the band, considering they make it back, to play their hit song All good boys have tattoos, will make the show successful.
Telling the band to play: Hard ticket to hell, will bring a surprise to the club, be it god or bad.
The band is racing against the clock for time and their lives. Will they make it?
Play: Rock and Roll Scum


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