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EL 200 Chapter 3: TSNSG. Covering a Campus.

"If drinking is a major part of life on your campus you could even assign a reporter to an alcohol beat." (p.20 Kanigel)

While any college campus may seem lame, they are breeding grounds for news. A reporters job is to find that news. A college campus goes about its business in a casual way. When the two worlds collide, the reporter finds their story. For example: a student is shot on campus. The call goes out to the police. The dean is notified. Reporters are on the scene. An article is written about the incident. The story gets published in print and online (in some cases).
This is a perfect example of how journalism works. It is a trickled down effect. An incident occurs, the authorities are notified, then the media becomes aware of the situation.
I like the aspect of gorilla journalism. Get in and out. Write the story and get it published. The fastest, most effective way of getting to the readers.That, in a way, coincides with the section on Developing a Beat System. Grabbing a story wherever one is planted while looking for the next one. It keeps the journalist interested and alerted to new ideas as well as stories. As for the newspaper, it does not suffer from dry, drab articles. The journalism game is about keeping the reader interested. If one looses their audience, they are left with nothing.
Readers want a story. They are media hungry. Readers will absorb anything that comes their way. When they do, it becomes the talk of the town. Making its way throughout the area. The story, much like a hurricane, gains strength, until a new situation occurs.
So, yes, colleges are (most of them) small communities filled with stories.


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