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October 30, 2008

EL 405 Sample Flash Upload

October 29, 2008

EL 405 Flash : Lessons 1-5

I have already learned a great deal by using Flash already. The system is a bit complicated. I mean I am not going to create the next South Park or anything animated like so. Last semester, I took a communications class called, print communication (ca290). Students used an Adobe CS3 program. It is intended for design. Really similar to Flash. I had created business cards.
Flash seems like it will become even more interesting. I want to learn to create movement, art, and effects. Since I am into film, I think that the Flash program will be the one I use on my final project. Just the first few lessons taught me how to create shapes, text, and movement.
The more I use the program, the more I will become comfortable with it.

October 23, 2008

EL 405 Flash Journalism; Interactivity

"Many digital media products are called interactive, but producers and users alike disagree on what "interactivity" means." (McAdams, pp. 11)
I do agree that there is a fine line that forms a boundary to interaction. I, recently, purchased an Nintendo Wii. The reason was, I always have played "regular" game systems. With the Wii, I was put directly into the game. That was the reason I bought it. Being submersed into a digital media product entices the buyer even more. Well, at least for me.
What exactly is interaction? The author lists 6 major components of it.
I think the more futuristic we become the more a gamer wants to become virtual. The few games that I played were interactive for me. Darfur Is Dying kept my interest because I was a civilian attempting to escape evil militants. I became part of what was going on. The game educated me as well as informed. I did not find it ill willed. I saw myself as the civilian attempting to escape.
Inanimate Alice was another example of interaction. The game was about a father being lost in the vastness of China. I felt like I had assisted in finding the character's father. That put me side by side with Alice.
The programmer has the freedom to adjust their game any way they like. With the examples given, the designers proved prime examples of interaction.

October 21, 2008

EL 405 Inform 7 Project; Rock and Roll Scum

I have learned several valuable things after playing my Inform 7 project today in class. I learned that I should make my directions (n,e,s,w) available to other players by putting them in my game. I had assumed that other players would know where to go. I myself got lost, several times. I added, more, action to my game. When I had first started it, I had a lot of details. When my game was beta tested, players didn't have much to go on, so I added more content.
Inform 7 was most valuable to me because it was challenging. Inform 7 is, basically, for PC gamers. I was never one of them. My drug of choice was always an Xbox or Playstation so the concept was sort of new to me.
Inform 7 is very touchy. Even the most commonly made errors will prevent games from being published. For instance, I didn't realize that adding (;) would start new paragraphs. I couldn't get my Inform 7 to work for me because of something little like so.
I, maybe, would like to continue on with Inform 7 for my final project. I was on to something in my game; Rock and Roll Scum. The more I added to the script, the more I wanted to see it in its entirety.
My game was more generalized. Some of the other games we (EL405) reviewed in class today were a bit more focused, such as Daniella's and Kayla's.
Inform 7 is good for journalism students. This is due to its process. One has to write a script. Write it out carefully. Another player and the computer have to understand what is going on. That's not so easy. Inform 7 is educational and informative. I feel that we learn software like this because they provide, basic, smaller, steps that lead to an end result, something bigger.

October 18, 2008

EL 200 Lab Report. Portfolio 2

The midterms have passed us, SHU, students as the next half begins. Media Lab (EL 200) has been influential to me. I have learned many new things regarding the school newspaper, the Setonian. Since I have taken over as the online editor, I have published many articles and uploaded photos. If it were not for EL 200, I most likely would not have done this or felt the need to get learn the process. That is why the course has been influential. The position is not as smooth and easy as one might think. I am the editor because, I feel, that I am making a difference while learning a new facet of journalism, but as I have read about citizen journalists taking over the cyber galaxy, that makes me a bit frustrated because the Internet is, one, medium that has a lot of opportunities for future employment. Online, the reader is able to get their content by the push of a button on the keyboard. It is much faster and easier to attain. The reader is able to become submersed in photos, video, audio, and text. By publishing online, it eliminates the middle person. One person is able to publish (online) what takes multiple people to, physically, do in print.
As the election rears to an end. EL 200 is putting together a class project that relates to the election. We have formed a committee that are going to write, publish (online), tack posters up around campus alerting students and faculty to view our online version of the election. By Monday, I want to have all the positions filled. What each student is going to do and what. By October 30th, I want the project to be completely finished. In between dates, I/we should be executing the project.
The spot news assignment is a little more difficult. I have Googled "political events in Greensburg", but came up with nothing. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few events going on for the election. It's just that time distribution is a thorn in my side. I do plan within the next few weeks to find something and write on it. I have gotten a few leads as to where some of them are happening. For instance, there is a student debate coming up at the Reeve's Memorial Library. That seems like something that I could write about. It's current and it revolves around the election.

EL 200; EOJ. Chapter 7 Online News and Games

"There has been so much talk as of late about the decline in readership among young people. If given the choice between playing a video game and reading a news story, young people would certainly pick an Xbox rather than a newspaper. (Rosales, pp.25)

Hmm...interesting. Rosales is making it seem like a print newspaper is so prehistoric. The younger generation is one that will become the status quo on earth. They will be the ones making a difference in our world. Those video game nerds, which I am one, will, eventually, be tucking us in our hospital beds, giving us our medications, and making important decisions in our world. I am, obviously, being sarcastic.
Is a video game the next educational medium? A platform for teaching students news and other essential importances.
I have seen a new game for the Xbox 360 that incorporates world history. But does that really educate the younger generation or does it keep them occupied? I wonder if that is the same with news. Is it possible to get a younger person interested in the news if it is contained to a video game?
I think it is a good idea, but there can be many flaws in something new like so. Teaching a generation that normally does not render things may enhance their values by using video games to do "adult" work and make the same decisions that an "adult" normally would, but that could also become detrimental to a younger person. I have always said, "don't grow up before you have to."

EL 200; TSNSG. Web Sites. Chapter 17

"Photos, video, audio, text. Multimedia means telling stories using several media at once."(Kanigel, p.163)

Once again, this is yet another chapter that trails me as the Editor of the Setonian Online. I found this chapter to be pertinet because as the Editor, I have to be ontop of everything that occurs on campus as well as off. If the print version is in the process of being published, as stated in TSNSG, my intuition has to kick into overdrive and go into action. Using a PC as my medium will gain me the advantage over others by letting me publish articles that can be seen instantly, and by more users than just the ones that are restricted to print versions. Our modern world consists of convenience. A reader wants to get their news now, not tomorrow. The Internet is the most efficient way of obtaining that. A reader has options by using the Internet to find their news. If one cannot find what they are looking for, another website will cater to them. I, for one, practice what I preach.The Setonian comes out on a Thursday, I publish it, at the latest, by Saturday. That gives the reader one, whole, day to get a print version and read it. By the next day, one is able to look online to get the news.

October 10, 2008

EL 405; Inform 7 Beta Release

What I have learned about my Inform 7 project...

I learned that out of the three players who played the game all like it.
Rock and Roll Scum needs more rooms and less features.
I want to clean up the game, a bit, by focusing less on detail and more on the game itself.
I learned that players were getting stuck. My rooms were vague and difficult to navigate through. For instance, I use a key in one room to get into another in order to let the "band" in to play at the club. I named it "skeleton key", the testers were confused by this. I shoul call it either "key" or "skeleton key".
I also need to establish my characters. I use to main characters, Kyle and Jezabel. Kyle needs to interact with Jezabel in order to get a key, which opens the door. She serves aa a groupie.
I also learned that Inform 7 is sensitive. Typing the wrong thing, while developing the game will throw you off. And I was for a moment.
I will clean up the dead ends, detail the "van", specify if the door unlocks, and add more rooms. By doing this, my testers will be less confused and more prone to play my game than another of its type.

October 5, 2008

EL 405


“Nowadays it’s essential for journalists to blog,” says Professor Mary Quigley to a class of 16 NYU journalism students.

Has blogging taken over the traditional medium of print? The end is near, solely due to the digital world.From cassette tapes to CDs. I have survived generations of change. Because of new media journalism, I have to suffer in my trade, making me feel worthless and less wanted, physically, in the print world. I am now just a number with no face. An ID only to be known amongst close friends and remote acquaintances. I am not on a rant though, I am moving along in the online world. New Media Journalism! A world where anyone can become the next big thing. I am really disappointed. At first, when entering college, I felt that I was on the cutting edge of technology. Now I feel like I missed the bus. Sad and all alone. Don't feel that bad, I do own a HDTV. I guess if you do not move within the digital world, then you are in the land of the lost. A land that time forgot. This subject always gets me fired up. I took a long hiatus from college, only to return years later. Now, I sit, feeling rejected all because the physical world is no longer wanted. Everything has gone online; magazines, novels, shopping, ordering out, and even text books, not to mention MySpace and Facebook. I read 1984, and yes Big Brother is watching.


"The print version of a newspaper or magazine offers an entirely different experience and content than the online version" (Cochran)

I feel that maybe I jumped to conclusions, as did Taylor. I think blogging verses print comes from different perspectives as well as age groups. I couldn't bring in an 8-track cartridge and tell the younger students that this was,once, the medium platform for listening to music. Nobody would understand that, just as I, really, didn't grasp the concept of blogging my first semester at Seton Hill University(SHU). You, always, need the old to to teach the new. If we didn't have foundations set, we would be lost. New mediums would come about constantly. Taylor went about her rant the wrong way. She reacted like an unaware freshmen.So I can really relate to her.

October 4, 2008

EL 200 EOJ-Chapter 5 Bloggers and Citizen Journalists

"With the aid of a computer and Internet access, anybody can become an online newspaper publisher even if he or she only works from a basement in Waukegan, IL." (p.17, Rosales)

I have read so much about this ever since my freshmen year. Yes, it is frustrating that anyone can become a journalist. I feel, though, that the GOOD journalists are the ones who endure 4 or more years of education learning the RIGHT way to do things. If I am interviewed for a job and the position comes down to a woman who has been blogging news in her bedroom for the last 3 years or myself who has gone through 4 years of college and on his way to graduate school; I better get the job. Of course, citizen journalists can be used to ones advantage, for example-"Gothamgazete.com is a New York news site that also uses that help of citizen journalists. Readers from different boroughs of New York are asked to submit tips, stories, and commentaries, which the editors read, edit, and then post those that are news worthy." (p.17, Rosales) Everyday, ordinary citizens are going out and bringing back news for the mentioned website, for free. I am sure they are not compensated for their efforts, but mentioned as a contributor.

EL 200 SNSG: Chapter 10-Editing

"A good editor needs skills in diplomacy and leadership, in organization and managing people, in boosting battered egos and smoothing ruffled feathers. You've got to be able to inspire your staff to produce prize-worthy stories while making sure the pages you're responsible for get to the printer on time." (p.77, Kanigel)

The hierarchy of he paper is the editor. That person has the responsibility of every person on his/her staff. If one does not exemplify the necessary skills to become an editor, then there is no reason to attempt it. A little off the beaten path, I remember reading Spider-Man comics when I was young, Peter Parker worked as a photographer for the daily newspaper, J. Jonah Jameson, his editor, was a rough, gruff, stern man who always demanded Parker to go out and get pictures of the Spider-Man. My point is that editors always get portrayed as stern, in your face type characters. I think that flows over into reality as well. If I had the responsibility of an entire newspaper, I would not be so nice when my reporters do not get their articles in on time, or something gets ruined in the print. They do carry the burden. SNSG had many good sections and tips on how to be a good editor.

October 2, 2008

EL 405 Blogging Screencast

I had done a screen cast of blogging, focusing on the Setonian online version. I showed the page to log in, the format the blog should be in, how to dump a photo on the blog, where to put the breaks in, and the extended and body parts of the blog. I feel that my presentation will educate students interested in the New Media Journalism field. It is basic and brief, which makes it easy for all to understand.