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March 31, 2009

EL 200 Keeping J school relevant

Yes it's sad that eventually all newspapers will die off, much like vinyl records and cassette tapes, but that's life. Everything fades in time. I think that Seton Hill University (SHU) as with any college and university should be ready to go digital. There should be more concentration in online and digital courses pertaining to journalism. I would like to work in new media as opposed to news upon graduation. There are so many outlets for it. For instance, today in class, the women who needed help, from Latrobe, who wants to put her magazine online. That is such a turn from the traditional. We should focus on web design and web software-Flash, Photoshop, and other programs that can lead to future jobs online.

March 23, 2009

Portfolio two. EL 200. The dot above an i and j are called a tittle

Part one

Part two

Part three

EL 200 Portfolio two Brief report of contribution

I have published all issues of the Setonian Online this semester. I have also delegated specific duties to my staff on improving the look and layout of the Setonian Online. I am currently teaching Aero Windwalker the proper way to publish photos online.

EL 200: Portfolio two. Lab Report

When it comes to digital technology, Jeremy Barrick, online editor of the Setonian Online, is starting to realize just how important it is in today’s society.
“At first I really wasn’t thinking about the future of print. Now I know that print may face certain consequences in the future, the Internet may be the only source where consumers get their news.” said Barrick.
Within the last three issues (seven, eight, and nine) of the Setonian, Barrick has published the content online, and written several articles.
Barrick’s latest article is on the tremendous money gift given to Seton Hill University (SHU) from the estate of Carol Ann Reichgut, a 1956 graduate of SHU. A whopping 3.5 million dollars.
Chelsea Oliver, sports editor, said “Jeremy has shown that there is so much more that can be done with the online version of our school newspaper. He has taken on a staff which also help improve the Setonian Online with him. I have seen the transition from bland to exciting. It is finally coming together. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, students and faculty will be able to read a clearer version of our newspaper online.”
Barrick has also taken on a new task with the Setonian Online. He is currently teaching an exchange student, Aero Windwalker, how to publish photos online.
"Jeremy has always been very supportive to both Setonian and me. As a web editor, he had done significantly on publishing every single issue online. On the other hand, when it is needed, he can always be there for you. He is one of the most precious co-workers as well as the coolest friend," said Aero Windwalker, a freshman.
“Aero takes a lot of photos, so in my mind I figured why not. He can work with the rest of us. I think that, sometimes, Aero does not understand western culture, and gets fumbled up. I want to guide him through the process. This way, I have educated someone who is not familiar with current journalism trends in America,” said Barrick.
"Jeremy has done an absolutely fantastic job on the Setonian Online. He's also an accomplished writer that has contributed to the vibrancy of the print Setonian," said Maddie Gillespie, the layout editor of the Setonian.
Barrick is currently working towards an internship in journalism. He will be in his senior year Fall of 2009. The last leg of his tour before entering the professional field of journalism.

March 8, 2009

EL 200: Sample newspapers (online)

There is nothing wrong with the mock online newspaper you came up with, but I Googled online newspapers in Europe and surrounding continents. Here's what I came up with. I did like some of Africa's papers. The others weren't bad also. I think that we, online staff, need to come up with an idea and stick to it, then execute it. I'm such a nerd, a Saturday night and I'm looking at online newspapers. I should be on Spring Break. Instead I'm writing articles for the Setonian, and figuring out ways to better the Setonian Online. I would like to see streaming video in the online paper.

March 1, 2009

EL 200: Opportunities for online media

There are a few things going on in the region that may help strengthen SHU's online paper. Monday, March 30 | 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. | Point Park University, Pittsburgh PA
Details: Using the Web to showcase, complement and promote your print newspaper is one of the best ways to get readers more involved. This workshop will benefit you if you're online already or if you need help getting set up.
This may give me a little more insight as to what an online newspaper should be like. I will consider going. Maybe other students who work online with me may be interested in going also.
This way it will be a collaborative effort.