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April 6, 2009

EL 200 Portfolio three

Part 1. News story

Part 2. Progress with the Setonian Online

EL 200 Portfolio three: Progress with the Setonian Online

I have been consistent with getting the content of the Setonian online. I have also delegated specific duties to online staff members. I have taught Aero to publish photos online.

EL 200 Portfolio three: In the eve of madness comes through a nightengale

Spring has arrived on the campus of Seton Hill University (SHU), so has Issue 10. Two issues are going to be published during April. The semester is nearing the end, but the paper does not stop just because of a few missing Setonian staff members.

Jeremy Barrick, Editor to the Setonian Online has been on top of things this Spring. He has made sure the digital paper gets published as well as delegating specific duties to his staff, which now include Aero Windwalker.

“Aero has learned, through numerous emails, to upload color pictures to the Setonian Online. I think that Aero is a really good photographer, and he should be able to stay with this position throughout the next few years.” Said Barrick.

Media Lab (EL200) ,this semester, has focused on SHU’s digital paper as the possibility of print’s decline has threatened major newspapers throughout major cities.

"When Jeremy gets a lead on a story, he thoroughly attempts to organize and follow through with it. He has the best intentions when it comes to focusing on one specific news article and grasping both sides of the issue" said Tiffany Gilbert, a junior and Editor in Chief.

The Setonian is published all year. There will be a Summer issue for students and faculty who stay on campus as well as the Greensburg community. An online version will also be available to those who cannot access the paper on campus.

"Jeremy's done a fantastic job with the Setonian and the Setonian Online. His articles are interesting and usually involve SHU students in a direct connection to the community of Greensburg. He works hard on the content of his stories and is determined to do the best that he is able with every piece," said Maddie Gillespie, a sophomore and layout editor for the Setonian.

Barrick has decided to stay as the online editor through the Summer and Fall when he will entering his senior year. The Setonian Online continues to get better as the content goes up faster, more colorful photos are produced, and the staff remain dedicated.

"Jeremy is so quick to update the Setonian Online - he's faster than the speed of sound. He's even managed to get other people to work on the website. He's like the Setonian Svengali. It's masterful work," said Kayla Sawyer, the news editor.

April 2, 2009

EL 200 Evergreen proposal

I want to write a story about student anxiety. The angle I take will be students standing in front of other students and faculty when having to give presentations. I know many people that fear it and others who love it. I will get the opinions of both. I will also talk to the school therapist (does it exist?) and get their side of things. This would make a good story because it would give incoming students insight into what some classes have to offer. If a course calls for several presentations to be made throughout the semester, a student may chose not to take that class. I myself have suffered through anxiety at Seton Hill University (shu) so this is a subject that affects me personally.

April 1, 2009

In a world colored by a new coat of fresh paint

I smoked a cigarette today. Before doing so, I read a sign posted on the door of a factory that said, "smoking is a sign of wealth". Obama must have signed a new legislation that taxed tobacco even more. Discouraged, I walked down the road to buy a newspaper. There weren't any. I asked the cashier where they were at. He notified me that print has gone under. there is no more. I walked out of the store discouraged wanting my news. I walked all the way home. On the way, I really wanted to listen to music. I arrived at my place and pulled out a CD. As I put it in the player, it read "cannot play disc". I tried several times to play it. It never worked. The next day I heard on satellite radio that compact discs were now obsolete. I wondered how patrons of vinyl in the 60s and 70s felt. Probably unsatisfied. I knew the world was changing, but how fast? Quick enough to not been able to catch up with the times. I was at a stop light today. Before turning green, a small microscopic microphone was tightly attached to the top. It heard what I was thinking aloud. Another century equipped with change. How would I adapt to it? Probably never. The harsh times continued. All I really wanted was my news. Seeing that I could only get it online, I started my own blog. One that never received any recognition at all. I was lost in the sea of a digital world. Where was I when the world had gone through its face lift?