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May 3, 2009

EL 200; Portfolio. Apples to oranges

Media Lab (EL200) and some students of the course are ready to move on with the Setonian Online. Jeremy Barrick, a junior and online editor, is gravitating towards the future of the digital paper.
“By my senior year I want more people to be reading the digital pages. If we, my staff and I, ‘buzz’ them up by adding links, games, trailers, and other things that might keep consumers interested, more people will be focused on SHU’s online news,” said Barrick.
The spring semester has bloomed for the Setonian Online. Barrick’s staff, which is comprised of Aja Hannah and Jessie Farine, have taken the Setonian and made it a bit more colorful.
"I feel like I could have done more, but I am satisfied that I at least did something and got people interested in making the online paper more dynamic. I hope the work that I have done can be the stepping stone to a great improvement," said Farine, a sophomore and staff writer.
“I started tagging the articles that had been put up online. All of the articles this year should have some sort of tagging on them no,” said Hannah, a freshmen and contributor.
Tagging is a way for consumers to get the news’ story they need quicker by recognizing key words in an article.
Other staff members of the Setonian have been focused on the paper itself. The newspaper comes out monthly, and reaches all over the campus. “I want to keep our newspaper alive. The digital version of it is good, but print is quickly fading away,” said Chelsea Oliver, a sophomore and sports editor.
Media Lab may be over for Barrick, but this will not stop him from keeping up with the Setonian Online. “I have another year to go. I want to keep going to build the Setonian up.”
Barrick hopes that one of his staff will take over when he graduates. He stated that it will be a lot “easier” for the next editor. “Things were not finished when I took over. I assume that past editors just copied and pasted content. That’s easier than getting students to do tasks related to the digital paper.”
“The future of the online paper depends on the students involved in it. If one just wants a simple copy and paste job, that can easily be accomplished, but to make it into something that looks good and is interactive, that requires labor by the staff,” said Barrick.