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EL 266 CH 7-13 Pearl's Flower

"Pearl, seeing the rose bushes, began to cry for a red rose, and would not be pacified." (Hawthorne) p.98

Pearl, now being older, I think, is becoming more aware of what is going on around her. She is the daughter of an adulteress, and a bastard child. Hester and Pearl are being demonized throughout the colony by its inhabitants.
In this particular chapter, Hester brings Pearl to the governor's mansion. As they enter, they are in awe of what riches surround them, as Hawthorne explains in detail. It is ironic that Hester, looked down upon by everyone in the land, goes to see the governor ensconced in his wealth. Much the contrast.
As Pearl enters the gardens, she notices roses. Red roses. Immediately she wants one, but her mother will not permit her to do so.
I feel that Pearl is becoming exhausted of being looked down on. The rose is to signify love, as it is red. Red is a symbol of love. Pearl may feel that she is not loved by anyone at this point in time. She is searching for it, but cannot obtain it as her mother will not let her pick it.
[Picking the rose may also resemble another illegal act. Hester may feel that by picking it could have consequences much like she has done already. It seems that Hester walks on eggshells in the colony which she resides.


It makes sense. Even Pearl's own mother looks at her as being inhuman--or, at the very least, questionably human--at times. While Hester does care for her and even fights to keep her, there are these occasions.

You could also view the rose bush as a source of evil. Pearl is seeking the evil, and Hester is setting her on the right path. Or, evil could be an illegal act... basically, I agree. :)

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