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EL 266 Scott "There's More Honor':" In my opinion what should've happened

"What the actual ending offers is a broader possibility, one that provides an alternative for the late-nineteenth-century reader who cannot make the moral leap Huck proposes." (Scott)

I agree with this statement. Using a traditional train of thought leads us to a more modern understanding of the ending.
In my opinion, I think that Tom ignored Jim, using him as a prop for the adventure the he has concocted for Huck and himself. Tom takes advantage of Huck's morals in the last leg of Huck's adventure by taking over. By doing so, Huck comes out as the hero. As Tom is more of a villain. Tom realizes what he is doing. Not realizing any consequences. Example: Tom getting shot.
A more positive outcome is seen in the last chapter when Huck is told that he has six-thousand dollars waiting for him.
As for evading, well all the characters in ADH were evading something. Jim was evading enslavement. Tom escaped the enslavement of his abusive father. Tom escaped the enslavement of a simple mind.
Tom does re-enter the picture only to, in my opinion, ruin Huck's last adventure, thus spicing up the ending though. The adventures of Huckleberry Finn does not have an ending that is conventional. I agree with Marx. It should have ended with consequences, but rather happily ends. I was shocked myself. When I completed the novel, I put it down, frustrated that it ended on such a positive note.
During my reading, I thought that Jim should have been caught and killed more than once, and Huck beaten or imprisoned for his lies. Tom being the antagonist in the story, going against all that Huck wants and stands for, morals. I think that Huck was attempting to mature morally, but when Tom enters, he takes his vivid mind and leads Huck and Jim on an adventure where it nearly costs Jim and Huck their lives. But it was Tom who really got it in the end by nearly dying.
Finales and endings are really up to the author/ director. I remember the last episode of The Sopranos. In my opinion, it sucked. I was so angry that I watched the show from season one. But then I thought about it after several conversations with fans, like myself. David Chase ended the show on a positive note because he realized that the subject matter was the mafia. As we all know, the mafia is all about violence and illegal doings. If Chase ended it with violence, that only meant that was all we, viewers, knew about mafias, not the positive side of the Don. The same goes with Clemens. He ended AHF the way he did because we, the reader, expected a negative outcome. It was shock value that everything ended optimistically. From Huck coming from abuse and Jim escaping his master lying and stealing their way throughout the Mississippi River on their adventure.


Sometimes the surprising endings are the better ones. If something ends exactly the way a reader imagined it would, where's the fun in that?

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