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EL 266 Adventures of Huck Finn Ch 1-10: Deceive the people

" 'Look at it, gentlemen, and ladies all; take behold of it; shake it. There's a hand that was the hand of a hog; but it ain't so no more; it's the hand of a man that's started in on a new life, and I'll die before he'll go back.' " (Twain) p.34

There are many similarities between the father character in Huck Finn, and Arthur Dimmsdale, in the Scarlet Letter. The comparisons can be Dimmsdale deceiving his community by living a lie, and his secret meetings with Hester and Pearl in the woods. Basically, he is living a lie. He does not want others to know who he really is. That is until the end of the book.
The old man can be seen in the same light. He is nothing but a homeless drunk out to get his son's fortune; although he has given it away. The judge takes him in and gives the old man another chance at life to better himself. He fools the judge and his wife, deception! I was able to come to this conclusion when the old man crept into Huck's room and beat the piss out of Huck for becoming educated. That developed his character from the start.

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