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EL 266 Foster Ch. 18,19,20 Drown, dead, rebirth

"Not every character gets to survive the water." (Foster) p.155

I would say that Foster is on to something with the focus being on water. Water is used as a medium for whatever the situation calls for. For instance, I took my family to the beach. Little Charlie went swimming and never returned. What happened to Charlie? Did he drown or get eaten by a shark? That is reality. Now if the same scenario came up in a novel, it would make for something completely different. Did Charlie drown or was Charlie going swimming a metaphor for leaving his life and the walk to the beach a symbol for a path taken?
Foster is on track as he mentions that "drowning has plenty to tell us in a story." Water the same. It is used as a medium in order to make way for other things to occur.


I agree with you, I was very interested with the water part of Foster. I blogged about the born and reborn part of this area. I think that water has a lot going on with it because it is so unique. It can be frozen, melted, turned to gas. It has to much to it and can be made into so much especially in literature. Like you said it makes way for other things to occur and their are infinite possibilities to where the author can take it from the water.

Even though it felt like Foster got a little repeatitive in this chapter, he still makes interesting points.

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