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EL 266 Foster Ch. interlude, 21,22: The blind leading the blind

"Blind as he is, he walks toward that death without assistance, as if guided by an unseen power." (Foster) p.206

Foster really touched upon something that I really have never given much thought to before, disabilities in the literary world. Blindness was the focus of Ch. 22. When an author introduces a blind person, the writer has to make up for their sight.
But, blindness can be defined in other terms as well. For example, saying Love is blind. I do not think of a blind character when I say this, but someone who uncertain of the emotion. It depends on the content of the text.
Fact is, when introducing the word blind into a text, the author has the complicated task of making it work.
I was at a party a few weeks ago, for some reason, there were several deaf people there. I was hesitant about going up to them and talking. I thought the task to be to difficult. But the complete opposite occurred. I communicated with them on a note pad since I did not know sign language to well, only a few words. Also, they read lips. What I'm trying to say is if the reader understands a person with a disability, it will not be that difficult to understand his/her character. By not turning a blind eye to a person with a disability, I have gotten much more out of a text.

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