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EL 266 Poe-Silence; living a double life

"No power hath he of evil in himself" (Poe)

I have been on an "evil" hunt the last few days. I try to find passages that relate to the word. Oh well, I have noticed that Poe references God in the last few works I have read. It seems a bit ironic that a man who writes on the macabre has a spiritual side to him. For example, Silence (1850) the last word of the last line, "God". The Raven, "by that God we both adore". Just a little observation.
I feel that Poe is reaching far into the psyche with Silence (1850). Is he trying to say that we have two sides to us at all times, body and spirit? Aha! Is this possibly more of a transcendental philosophy. Through knowing, we stay in touch with all that is around us.
Life can be construed as a mystery. There is no sure path made directly for us, in my opinion. But one thing we do know is we need our body and our souls to prove our existence just like matter requires light in order to be seen, as well as the sea needs a shore.
As far as the quote I used, I feel that man is not inherently evil. It takes outside forces for this to occur. We are not born good nor evil. Like I mentioned, it takes an environment and other forces to participate in such an action. This is funny because a few weeks ago, my friends and I were sitting outside and the question came up "Do you think people are generally good or bad?"
Now in Poe's poem Silence (1950) I feel that it is a battle between science and religion. How are things created?

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