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EL 250 Article Presentation

The discussion on Mortensen prompted me to take a closer look into blogging. My original entry looked at blogging from my point of view. The second part of my entry was on mutual fantasy online gaming. I did not feel that seclsion, which I feel about mutual fantasy online gaming, was adequate. I felt that personal blogging questions were more informal to my coursemates. That way they could be open about their positive experiences and negative. I do realize that the assignment was to discuss mutual fantasy online game play, but I looked at the situation from outside the box. Anything that goes online, text based, is always open to comments. Some enjoy it while others fear it. I got the idea about my questions from a previous visit by Mortensen. If there was anything I could have changedd, it would have been to open the discussion with blogging questions, but end it with mutual fantasy online questions. A part one and part two forum.

My peers' were assigned other articles that I answered questions to. Taylor with Jessie and Matt prompted me to answer accordingly. For Matt's question, I chose the Xbox 360 as a platform for all of my gaming, and Jessie, I found that through community brings interaction.

Susan was assigned Grimes. In my entry, I shared my personal experiences with Terms of Service contracts. That was a good subject to discuss since service contracts accompany games and gaming equipment, also the fact that a large percentage of gaming is done by children.

Keith was assigned Eladhari. Keith associated online gaming with personalities. In my entry, I discussed why it is important to play yourself in simulated situations.
Cody had Wilson. His question regarded indie games. In my entry, I discussed why indie games are good, but the technology whould be made available to everyone, not just high tech companies that can utilize the technology.

Overall, I thought that giving students the opportunity to lecture the course was a good idea. It incorporated reading from the text, but was thought based as well from personal experiences.

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